One – Nazlı Gürlek |
Istanbul Biennial Parallel Event
In Collaboration with ANAMED and Performistanbul

Duration: 3 hours
Performer: Aslı Bostancı
Date: 23.09.2017
Venue: ANAMED, 3rd Floor, Terrace

In collaboration with ANAMED and Performistanbul, Nazlı Gürlek’s performance entitled “ONE” presented on Saturday, September 23, between 5.00-8.00 pm, at ANAMED in Istanbul. The performance was inspired by a wall painting dated around 6500 BC, discovered in Building 80 at Çatalhöyük.

Gürlek re-created the ritual by bringing three different ways of expression including painting, documentation and movement together: two 9-metre rolls of paper with drawings inspired by the Çatalhöyük painting; visual documentation of the excavation process showing the unveiling of the painting and a live performance based on bodily movements of a performist. The performance took place at the terrace on the 3rd floor of ANAMED for 3 hours, saluting the sunset and will be open to the public for free.

The wall painting was considered to have been created as a part of a ritual. Gürlek brought the 9000-year-old Çatalhöyük archaeological find back to life and presented it to the audience from an artistic point of view.

The project was also an attempt at an artistic adaptation of the archaeological methodology of the Çatalhöyük project based on “reflexivity, interactivity, multivocality, and contextuality”.